(Note: Not Every User Has Access to This System from Outside of Their Respective Hotel)

 XXXX = Last Four Digits of Your Hotel's Main Phone No.

Position User ID Password
General Manager XXXX_GM 1234
Sales Manager XXXX_SM 1234
Assistant General Manager XXXX_AGM 1234
Front Desk Manager XXXX_FDM 1234
Front Desk Agent - 7-3 Shift XXXX_FDA1 1234
Front Desk Agent - 3-11 Shift XXXX_FDA2 1234
Front Desk Agent - 11-7 Shift XXXX_FDA3 1234
Executive Head Housekeeper XXXX_EXHSKP 1234
Assistant Head Housekeeper XXXX_AHSKP 1234
Breakfast Attendant XXXX_BFAST 1234
Maintenance Man XXXX_MMAN 1234

Please Contact Apex System Administrator at 863-287-3222 or 

Hemant@Apexhospitality.com For Any Unique User ID Request.

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